• How to completely remove responsive mode?

    open style_options.php in css directory and then delete the responsive css part (from line around 420 onwards to around line 960, you will see the commented header which will tell you where the responsive queries start). Don’t delete the closing php tag:

    1.  <!--?php } ?-->

    After you have saved this file, go to theme’s options and save the settings twice so a new file options.css is written (this is the file that gets the css from theme’s options).

  • I get an error while creating a Child Theme. What to do?

    If you get an error saying the path or file is not found that is due to the way the Theme connects to it’s administator panel. To fix this you will have to change a snippet of code in functions.php. Open this file and find the following code:

    require_once (ADMIN_PATH . 'theme-options.php');     // Options panel settings and custom settings
    require_once (ADMIN_PATH . 'admin-interface.php');    // Admin Interfaces
    require_once (ADMIN_PATH . 'admin-functions.php');   // Theme actions based on options settings
    require_once (ADMIN_PATH . 'medialibrary-uploader.php'); // Media Library Uploader

    and replace it with:

    $admin =  get_template_directory() . '/admin/';

    require_once ($admin . 'theme-options.php');   // Options panel settings and custom settings
    require_once ($admin . 'admin-interface.php');  // Admin Interfaces
    require_once ($admin . 'admin-functions.php');  // Theme actions based on options settings
    require_once ($admin . 'medialibrary-uploader.php'); // Media Library Uploader


    Now you have to change how the stylesheets are embeded in the scripts.php. Open this file in includes/scripts.php and scroll to the end of the file. You will notice the following code that embeds the styles:

    wp_register_style('main', get_template_directory_uri() . '/style.css', 'style');
    wp_enqueue_style( 'main');
    wp_register_style('options', get_template_directory_uri() . '/css/options.css', 'style');
    wp_enqueue_style( 'options');

    replace it with:

    wp_register_style('main', get_stylesheet_uri(), 'style');
    wp_enqueue_style( 'main');
    wp_register_style('options', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/css/options.css', 'style');
    wp_enqueue_style( 'options');


    Now please note that when creating a child theme in our Themes you have to copy the CSS directory also and not just style.css in the child theme directory. We use two style files, one is for general styling and the other picks the settings from Theme’s options.

  • How to set up the Video Post properly

    Video Post – Go to the post and set it to video format, then set the field just below the post text that says: Video URL(*required). Also check the Screenshot below that is showing where you have to set the link:

    How to add the Video post

  • Demo Content

    Demo WP content DOWNLOAD.

    Read about how to make the Theme look like live preview here.

  • How to get the theme to look like the live preview (Rock Palace)

    To make the theme look like our live preview and for it to function properly it should be installed in the following order:

    The proper installation process is as follows:

    1. Install the Rock Palace WordPress Theme
    2. Import Demo WordPress demo content

    Refer to other sections if you need more details about how to install certain parts.

    For home page follow these steps:

    1. First add a Page (Pages / Add New) and choose the appropriate Template

    2. Go to Settings / Reading and add the Static Page Tab that you just created

    If you need sample data follow these steps:

    1.Unzip the file called rockapalace_demo.zip  which contains the XML file rockpalace_demo.xml.

    2. Now go to Tools -> Import and select WordPress. You will be prompted to install a plugin.

    3. After the plugin is installed simply select the XML file from your computer and you are done.

  • What are the recommended image sizes for Rock Palace

    Theme uses different image placeholders for different parts of the site. Please note that images can be bigger since Timthumb will take care of them so they fit within containers. Below is a short list of recommended sizes (used in the live preview).

    IOS Slideshow: 925px x 420px

    Full width slideshow: no particular recommended size since you can adjust the position of the image, transparent images will generally look better.

    Nivo Slideshow: 940px x 380px

    Blog Posts: 580px x 280px

    Single Portfolio Post: 610px wide (can be of any height)

    Sponsors Images: 160px x 130 px

  • How to add images to make a Slideshow in Single Portfolio or Post

    Click the button, Add Media.

    Now select from the dropdown menu the option Uploaded to this post like in the screen below:

    Now simply select and upload the images that you want in the portfolio or post’s slideshow.

  • My Logo is very high and is overlaping the Slideshow and inner Pages. What to do?

    To increase the space for a higher logo open style.css and edit following classes:

    1.   #headerwrap and increase the height so the logo fits (lets say from 120px to 200px).
    2. you now have to adjust some other classes also since header is fixed which means some containers below will not automaticlly position.
    3.  #slider-wrapper should be positioned lower for the same amount as you increased the height (lets say from 130px to 210px). Also add margin-bottom:100px; to the class.
    4.  .outerpagewrap should be positioned lower for the same amount as you increased the height (lets say from 120px to 200px). Also add margin-bottom:100px; to the class.

    Values above are just an example, they will probably be a bit different for your logo.

  • How to completely remove responsive mode

    If you don’t wish to have responsive mode at all you can easily remove all the responsive features. For Iphones and Ipads it is enough to simply remove one line from header.php. Open header.php and remove the line:


    For other mobile devices you need to remove all the css that is used for media queries. Open style.css and go almost to the end of it where the following line is:

    @media screen and (min-width:0px) and (max-width:970px)

    Now delete everything that is beyond this line in style.css (including this line). The responsive part is now completely removed and your website will be seen in full on mobile devices.

  • How to increase number of posts in blog sorting page from 50 to a higher number

    First open the file in admin/theme-options.php and look for following code (around line 100):

    $number_entries = array("Select a number:","1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","10","11","12","13","14","15","16","17","18","19","20","25",

    replace this line with the following:

    $number_entries = array("Select a number:","1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","10","11","12","13","14","15","16","17","18","19","20","25",

    you can add more if you want.

  • My slideshow is not high enough (and is cutting small images like masks or coats or camera)

    For height of the slideshow to be properly calculated a main image (under image URL label) has to be added. If you wish to have a transparent background with small images over it (like masks in Emporium or coats on Mercor) you have to upload a transparent image to get the proper height. You can download this transparent image from the link below. Image is 1600px x 500px.


    Simply save it to your computer and then upload it in the image tab of the slider as the main image.

    Second possibility of how to edit it is to edit style.css and set the minimum height of the slideshow. Open style.css and go to line around 3040 where class #slider-wrapper is. Change the parameter min-height:100px; to min-height:500px;

  • What to do if some characters don’t show up (like Greek, Cyrillic,…)

    you will have to add embeding of characters family to google fonts. Open scripts.php in includes directory and look for font embeding (at the end of the file). Replace the two existing lines:

    wp_register_style('googleFont', 'http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family='.$data['heading_font']['face'] ,'',NULL);
    wp_register_style('googleFontbody', 'http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family='.$data['body_font']['face'] ,'',NULL);


    wp_register_style('googleFontbody', 'http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family='.$data['body_font']['face'].'&amp;subset=latin,greek,greek-ex' ,'',NULL);
    wp_register_style('googleFont', 'http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family='.$data['heading_font']['face'].'&amp;subset=latin,greek,greek-ex' ,'',NULL);

    Example is for greek fonts. Check out how to properly write the lines for other font sets on Google Web Font Library Quick Usage

  • Can’t see theme admin panel.

    First try reseting theme options. If this don’t work send us mail with your login details.

  • How to add your own background patterns

    The best way to add your own background patterns is to copy them with FTP to the directory /images/bg of your theme’s directory so full path would look something like: wp-content/themes/themeName/images/bg. After you have done so, refresh the page where your admin is (F5). This is a simple refresh of the page and not reset of the theme’s options.

    You can now see your newly added background pattern in Theme’s Options -> Styling Options -> Background Pattern. This is the best way of adding the background pattern since you can add more patterns.

  • How to properly add Vimeo and Youtube Videos to Full width Slideshow (Anything slider)

    The full width slideshow allows you to add videos to it. The proper way to add the videos is with the embed link and not with the direct URL of the videos.

    How to get the embed links from the video


    Hover over the image and then click the Share Icon. A popup window will open with the iframe embed code. You only need to get src link from it and it should be formed like:



    Open the video on the Youtube Site and click the Share link below the video. Now click on the Embed Button. You will now see the iframe embed code. Copy the URL link from it that should be formed like this:


    Video embed link has to be added to the Video URL field and not in the Image URL for the video to work.

  • How to translate Page Navigation on Blog

    If you wish to translate the pagination on the blog page (for instance Page 1 of 2) you have to edit the file called wp-pagenavi.php which can be found in /includes directory. Open the file and go to line 114 and replace the line

    $pages_text = str_replace("%CURRENT_PAGE%", number_format_i18n($paged), $pagenavi_options['pages_text']);


    $pages_text = str_replace("%CURRENT_PAGE%", number_format_i18n($paged), ('Test %CURRENT_PAGE% test %TOTAL_PAGES%'));

    Now simply replace the test words with your own.

  • How to add new Google font

    Open /admin/admin-interface.php and find

    $faces = array('arial'=&gt;'Arial',

    (around line 1246) .

    Then just add your font so this code look like :

    $faces = array('arial'=&gt;'Arial',

    ‘google font name’ => ‘admin display name’,



  • How to check which element to apply styling to with Google Inspect

    Many users will want to change certain aspects of theme (from headings to buttons, logo position, etc.). The hardest part when doing this is finding out which class you have to edit in style.css. This is where Google Inspect comes to the rescue. Other browsers have similar tools but in our opinion Google Inspect is the most convenient one.

    Open Google Chrome and position your mouse over the element that you wish to change. Right click on your mouse and then click Inspect. A window will open showing the location of the class in style.css. You can now play a bit and change some parameters on the fly to see how they would look (remember that this is only a virtual change and that you will have to edit and save style.css for changes to take affect). After you are happy with the changes you can now apply them to style.css and since you now know the exact line where the class is it should be a breeze.

    For editing style.css we recommend Notepad++, it is lightweight, will color your code and number the lines of the file.

  • How to translate your Theme

    Theme allows you to translate all the main aspects of the Theme (buttons, social icons,…). Go to translation tab of your Theme’s administration and find the word you would like to translate. After that simply enter your translation and save.

  • How to make the header not stick to the top

    This only calls for a small change in style.css. Find the class #headerwrap and remove the line position: fixed;

    Then you will need to make some small changes to footer and slider wrapper (remove top position from this class).

  • Add more Items in Portfolio Template

    open /admin/theme-options.php and search for line :

    $number_entries = array("Select a number:","1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","10","11","12","13","14","15","16","17","18","19","20","25","30","35","40","45","50", "100","9999");

    Now you can have 9999 items.

  • Full width slideshow doesn’t show text captions

    If you have only one slide in the slideshow add another one. This will solve the problem of captions not appearing.

  • Theme options are overriding style.css

    This is how it is supposed to be. The theme uses two styling files. General styling is done with style.css but options that are defined through administration are saved to a file called options.css that can be found in CSS directory. To change these settings you have to edit the file called style_options.php. You will find a similar structure there so should be no problem if you already edited style.css.

  • Edit links in the footer Menu

    Go to Appearance -> Menus and click on the Footer menu. You can now add or delete the links in it.

  • Theme settings are not saving

    On some installations you have to save settings twice in order for them to take affect. So simply save twice and check if new settings are applied

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